cogscilogo_w300This year, UC Merced’s Cognitive Science group is bringing over two dozen presentations to the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, in Berlin, likely placing it among the best-represented universities at the conference.

bold = UCM graduate student
underline = UCM undergraduate student
+ = UCM postdoc
italics = UCM faculty

Abney, D.H., Paxton, A., Kello, C.T., & Dale, R. Complexity matching in dyadic interaction.

Bergmann, T., Dale, R., & Lupyan, G. The impact of communicative constraints on the emergence of a graphical communication system.

Dale, R. (co-organizer), Yu, C. (co-organizer), Nagai, Y., Coco, M., & Kopp, S. Approaches to interpersonal coordination: infants, adults, robots, and agents. (workshop)

Dale, R., Fusaroli, R. (organizer), Håkonsson, D. D., Healey, P., Mønster, D., McGraw, J. J., Mitkidis, P., & Tylén, K. Beyond synchrony: complementarity and asynchrony in joint action. (symposium)

Erickson, S. & Heit, E. Math and metacognition: Resolving the paradox.

Falke, J., Winter, B., & Spivey, M. J. Candle-Candle-Candle-Candy: Continuous attraction towards previously seen phonological competitors.

Fusaroli, R., Abney, D.H., Bahrami, B., Kello, C.T., Tylén, K. Performance in a joint decision task is predicted by the degree of complexity matching of interlocutors’ speech events.

Gann+, T. The role of feedback in aligning perspectives in referential communication.

Greenwood, M., Matthews, J.L., Spivey, M.J., & Matlock, T.    Taking someone else’s perspective: When body “position” is more important than body “presence.”

Huette, S., Anderson, S., & Spivey, M. Probabilistic negation: fine-grained preservation and distortion of truth in affirmative and negated statements.

Kelly, L. J. & Heit, E. Representational shifts towards the prototype in memory for hue.

Kerster, B.E., Kello, C.T., Rhodes+, T., Bien-Aimes, R.J. Adaptive foraging: Effects of resource conditions on search paths in a web-based foraging game.

Lichtenstein, P., Perlman+, M., & Matlock, T. A crosslinguistic look at how metaphor, manner, and aspect propel politicians through campaign races.

Matthews, J.L., & Matlock, T. Bridging the gap between friends: How imagined proximity of friends skews our estimation of bridge length.

O’Hora, D. (organizer), Duran+, N. D., Dale, R., Freeman, J. B., & Tomlinson, J. M. Jr. Scales of cognition evident in action. (symposium)

Pärnamets, P., Johansson, P., Balkenius, C., Hall, L., Spivey, M. J., Richardson, D. C. Changing minds by tracking eyes: Dynamical systems, gaze and moral decisions.

Paxton, A. & Dale, R. Multimodal networks of interpersonal interaction and conversational contexts.

Perlman+, M., Dale, R., & Lupyan, G. Vocal charades: The emergence of conventions in vocal communication.

Rigoli, L., Moyes, H., Huette, S., Spivey, M. Cave-like environments facilitate magical thinking.

Roche, J., Paxton, A., Ibarra, A., & Tanenhaus, M. From minor mishap to major catastrophe: Lexical choice in miscommunication.

Rodny, J. & Noelle, D. C. Approximating the value function in the actor critic architecture using the temporal dynamics of spiking neural networks.

St. Clair, W.B. & Noelle, D. Implications of polychronous neuronal groups for the nature of mental representations.

Szary, J., & Dale, R. Dyadic cooperation enhances retrieval and recall of crossword solutions.

Szary, J., Kello, C., & Rhodes+, T. Collaborative memory foraging in categorical recall tasks.

Tabatabaeian, M., Dale, R., & Duran+, N. Is dishonesty an automatic tendency?

Thompson, G. & Kello, C. Searching semantic memory as a scale-free network: Evidence from category recall and a Wikipedia model of semantics.

Vinson, D.W. Dale, R. Social gaze orientation influences decision making.

Vinson, D.W., Abney, D.H., Dale, R. & Matlock, T. The influence of motion language and gaze orientation on spatial memory.

Warlaumont, A. S. & Hyatt, S. R. Robust social learning to babble in a spiking neural network model.

Warlaumont, A. S. Invited speaker in the Women in Cognitive Science Interactive Panel Discussion: Professional advancement through real and virtual international collaboration, organized by L. B. Feldman, J. van Hell, J. Kroll, S. Rajaram, & N. Tokowicz

Winter, B., & Matlock, T. More is up… and right: Random number generation along two axes.