On Friday, May 10th, 2013 CIS held its annual First- and Second-Year Talk Symposium. This year we had 6 second-year talks (Winter, Lichtenstein, Kelly, Rodny, Thompson, and Paxton) and 5 first-year talks (Bergmann, Tabatabaeian, Vinson, Abney, and Holman). It was a big day of fun and delightful sharing of research ideas and data. In fact, this count of 1st and 2nd years is over 50% of the entire graduate student group at the time!

Drew Abney handlin’ the crowd!

Thanks to David Vinson and Drew Abney (first years) for hosting an evening barbecue to celebrate afterwards!

This year’s events

Location: SSM 117

9:40 AM    Light breakfast, prep

10:00 AM    Alexandra Paxton, Multimodal Networks of Interpersonal Interaction and Conversational Context

10:20 AM    Laura Kelly, Prototypical Representational Shifts in Memory for Hue

10:40 AM    Jeff Rodny, Learning in the Critical Branching Algorithm

11:00 AM    Break

11:20 AM    Graham Thompson, Walking in Semantic Space

11:40 AM    Bodo Winter, More is Bigger… Up… and Right

12:00 PM    Trish Lichtenstein, Speedy Verbs & An Enhanced Ability to Detect Increases in Speed

12:20 PM    Lunch

1:20 PM    Till Bergmann, The Impact of Communicative Constraints on the Emergence of a Graphical Communication System

1:40 PM    David Vinson, The Impact of Implied Information on Spatial Memory

2:00 PM    Drew Abney, Complexity Matching in Dyadic Interaction

2:20 PM    Break

2:40 PM    Daniel Holman, Finding Problems

3:00 PM    Maryam Tabatabaeian, Is Dishonesty an Automatic Tendency?

5pm – onward    BBQ @ DnD’s!