Photo from UC Merced’s story.

CIS Ph.D. student Stephanie Huette is starting a position as a tenure-track professor at The University of Memphis, starting this fall. Her research and accomplishments were featured recently on UC Merced’s central news site. For details, see here. From the article:

Graduate student Stephanie Huette knew she would face challenges at UC Merced.

The University of California’s 10th and newest campus was in its earliest stages when she arrived in 2008. No one sugar-coated the reality that there was more work ahead to develop the first new American research university in the 21st century.

“This was the only place that I went to where they said ‘here are all the challenges you would face’,” Huette said. “I knew what I was getting in to.”

She was ready to treat those challenges as opportunities partly because of her interest in working with Michael Spivey, a cognitive science professor at UC Merced.

Huette will defend her dissertation May 31 and graduate from UC Merced with a doctorate in Cognitive and Information Sciences. She’ll start in the fall at the University of Memphis, where she will teach and continue her research in a tenure-track position.