Scott Hernandez-Jason, Director of News and Social Media in UC Merced’s University Communications office, has just put out a piece about our program’s presentations at the 2013 Cognitive Science Society Meeting. From the news piece:

The international conference is now in its 35th year and this year’s theme is “Cooperative Minds: Social Interaction and Group Dynamics.” It runs from July 31 to Aug. 3 in Berlin. More than 1,000 people will attend it, coming from hundreds of universities and research institutions. The campus’s representation is an example of the excellent research for which the UC Merced is becoming known. UC Merced cognitive scientists are slated to organize this conference in 2015.

Five years ago, UC Merced had only a few papers at the conference. This year, using a variety of metrics, UC Merced is among the top five institutions. It will have the most total presentations. If only the top talks are counted, UC Merced ranks fifth.

The campus’s representation is significant, especially considering the program’s small size compared to others. This year, presentations will be delivered by eight faculty, almost all of the program’s 21 graduate students, postdocs and even three undergraduate students.

“It’s really exciting and rewarding to see the program evolve,” Matlock said. “At a local level, it shows what you can do as a brand new campus.”

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