Monday November 4, 2013
KL 232 (Chancellor’s Conference Room)

Professor Geoff Lee

Title: Subjective Duration

Abstract: I argue against the idea that the stream of consciousness exists within a dimenson of “phenomenal time” that provides a measure of how long an experience feels subjectively. I argue that this view conflicts with my preferred Atomistic view of temporal experience (defended in “Temporal Experience and the Temporal Structure of Experience”), and that attempts to reduce phenomenal rate of passage to other measure on the stream, such as measure of how much information is flowing through conscious awareness, do not succeed. I hold that temporally extended experiences only have subjective duration in a thin retrospective sense, and that this fact threatens to undermine some deeply held intutions about what we care about in having experiences of different kinds.

Bio: Geoff Lee is an assistant professor of philosophy at UC Berkeley. His main areas of research interest are philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and the foundations of cognitive science and neuroscience. One of his current projects is writing a book on the experience of time, tentatively titled “Consciousness and the Passage of Time”. More information, and the paper referenced in the abstract, are available at his website:

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