CIS faculty Teenie Matlock (pictured with her lab below) and her colleagues have been awarded an exciting new $300,000 NSF grant that will support a graduate student in the program. The grant reflects an long-standing and continuing synergy between CogSci faculty at UC Merced, and their School of Engineering colleagues. Dr. Matlock describes the project in the following way:

“We will use the resources to expand our joint research on human movement and creating realistic virtual characters, for instance, for interactive systems for physical therapy. My role is to focus on gestures, including pointing gestures, in the context of descriptions, including spatial or action descriptions. This is the fifth NSF grant I’ve been awarded with School of Engineering faculty, demonstrating strong connections between Cognitive and Information Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering (SSHA and SOE). We have funded multiple students in CIS and CSE on these grants, published some papers, and presented some interesting work at conferences.”

Congratulations Dr. Matlock, and her SOE colleague Dr. Marcello Kallman, who is the PI on this grant.


Dr. Teenie Matlock (6th from left) and her Interactive Cognition Laboratory