Professor Thomas Hannagan
Tuesday, November 12
SSM 117 (Wawona), 3-4:30pm

Title: Language processing in adults and baboons: the unreasonable efficiency of the Delta rule

Abstract: How do we learn to recognize the words and letters of our language? I will be presenting recent modeling work showing that despite its old age and great simplicity, the “Delta rule” continues to offer valid insights into visual letter and spoken word recognition in adults. I will then discuss recent developments on two distinct and equally famous generalizations of the Delta rule, the “Rescorla-Wagner” and the Backpropagation algorithms, and how the latter informs us on the finding that baboons can learn to tell english words and nonwords apart.

Bio: Thomas Hannagan is doing research on computational aspects of word recognition at Aix-Marseille University/CNRS and co-organizes the neuro-computation research at the Brain and Language Research Institute.

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