laura-kelly-4d326b0aa3e4823cea56baf0d1f9bd75Our own Laura Kelly has been featured on Codecademy’s “Stories” sections, detailing her use of Python to develop experimental interfaces. Laura’s work explores the structure of categories and what factors influence this structure, such as how we use language to refer to them. An excerpt from the site, which features an interview with Laura:

“How have others in your workplace reacted to you coding up your own experiments? 

The reaction to learning to code is overwhelmingly positive. The faculty in my program are all proponents of harnessing technology to study the human mind effectively; coding opens up many new avenues to accomplish that goal. My program has a grad course where the main mission was to expose us to many languages and techniques quickly so we know what tools are out there and would help make our research better. 

In my case, it meant investing time in learning Python to have full control over my experiment flow. I not only have an experiment that does exactly what I want but I also have a very versatile tool in my toolbox which will allow me to be more productive in the future by investing the time now. 

Additionally, with the current movement toward open science (open access, open source, etc.), I will have non-proprietary experiment scripts to share with other researchers. This is a movement that my peers and I all support.

I already have some basic skills in R an open source statistical programming language and can share my data analysis scripts. Now I will be able to make even more of my scientific process transparent.”

You can see the full spread here.