Part I: Hierarchical Structure in Music: Statistics, Structure, and Style
Part II: Cascading Reminiscence Bumps in Popular Music

Mar. 31st, 3pm, KL 232

Carol Lynne Krumhansl
Cornell University

I will divide my time between two quite independent projects. The first reviews a number of studies that demonstrate hierarchical organization in music, supporting the existence of non-local dependencies. These results have implications for both statistical analyses of music and statistical learning. It also invites comparisons between music and language.

The second project examines music-evoked autobiographical memories. Previous studies on music have found autobiographical memories and life-long preferences for music popular during late adolescence and early adulthood. Unexpectedly, in a study of young adults we find the same effects for music of their parents’ generation. A second survey traces how the intergenerational transfer effect changes over six generations.