Petr Janata, Ph.D.
Center for Mind and Brain
University of California, Davis

Monday, April 28th, 2014, 3pm, KL 232

Sensorimotor coupling in music and being “in the groove”

A remarkable aspect of music is the degree to which it compels people to move spontaneously. Related to this is the sense of seamless coupling with music and those sharing in the responding to and making of the music that is arguably one of the strongest positive emotional experiences to be had as a direct consequence of engaging with music. This experiential state is commonly referred to as “being in the groove.” In this talk I describe experiments aimed at manipulating and describing this experiential state using behavioral and neuroimaging methods. The results suggest that the groove phenomenon is experimentally tractable and may have a basis in the balance of activity in typically antagonistic brain networks underlying cognitive control and socioemotional processing.