A large group of students and faculty attended

CIS faculty Prof. Anne Warlaumont organized an interdisciplinary workshop on campus on the topic of foraging. The idea of foraging or “search” connects a number of groups on campus, and the intriguing workshop involved researchers from the schools of Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural Sciences. The concept of search can be employed across many domains. For example, Prof. Warlaumont studies infant vocal development as a “search” through its muscular control and auditory experiences; Prof. Fred Wolf in Molecular and Cell Biology studies how fruit flies forage; CIS faculty Prof. Chris Kello investigates human memory and language as a process of “search” through stored information. This intriguing concept ties together many researchers who attended the meeting, and the presenters and talk titles are shown below. The UC Merced campus is a common arena for this kind of interdisciplinary synergy.

Katherine Copenhagen, Swarming particles

David Quint, Mutual avoidance optimizes swarm navigation in disordered environments

Nori Tani, Optimal cooperative searching using purely repulsive interactions

Fred Wolf, Filming fruit fly foraging

Prof. Anne Warlaumont giving her talk on “Infant vocal foraging”

Dan Landayan, Motivational food seeking screen

Bryan Kerster, Alex Marr, and Chris Kello, Fly foraging (analysis of Dan Landayan and Fred Wolf’s data)

Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Dynamics of motor control

Bryan Kerster, Crowd sourced human foraging game

Anne Warlaumont, Infant vocal foraging

YangQuan Chen, Optimal stochastic foraging: from Levy to Mittag-Leffler