CIS faculty Teenie Matlock is coordinating this fall’s Mind, Technology, and Society seminar, and her lineup is going to be a diverse and exciting blend of guest speakers, orbiting the theme of “dynamicity.” On this topic, Prof. Matlock notes that “Much of our everyday experience, be it perceiving an image, reading a novel, learning a new concept, solving a problem, or planning what to do next, involves dynamic processing. Viewing experiences as byproducts or concatenations of hard-wired, disparate static representations is losing favor among language theorists, vision scientists, literary scholars, and others. This fall semester, we bring together a wide range of experts to think more deeply about how the dynamic nature of thought drives how we perceive, reason, and interact in the world.”

Speakers represent a diversity of domains. For example, Michael Ranney (UC Berkeley) will talk about how people reason about consequences of climate change. David Kirsh (UCSD) will describe his work on the dynamics of dance. Nathan Withoft (Stanford) will present on the fascinating area of synaesthesia. Maggie Shiffrar (Rutgers) will talk about biological motion. Rolf Zwaan (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will cover his research on simulation in language. Caitlin Fausey (Oregon) will present on her work about child learning. Of course, there will be much more, and the names of speakers and their institutions are shown in the adjacent poster.

The MTS seminar is open to all members of the UC community and the wider public. All are invited to attend this exciting interdisciplinary seminar.