UC Merced’s CIS group had almost 20 presentations at the recent 2014 Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, which took place this year in Quebec City, Canada. Held last month in July, the conference is attended by hundreds of institutions, and includes almost 1,000 presentations.

The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society is cognitive science’s premiere conference. Full paper submissions to the conference are lengthy 6-page reports, which have a 30% rejection rate. 5 years ago, UC Merced had only a few papers at the conference. This year, no matter how you count it, Merced was in the top 5 institutions, side by side with Indiana, Stanford, and UC Berkeley. Below are some pictures of students presenting at the conference, and a graph showing the numbers of presentations across institutions, with UC Merced labeled. 

Part of this success is due to the growing size of UC Merced’s CIS PhD program. It is also, however, a mark of the focus on research activity shared by graduates, faculty, and postdocs. Now with almost 2 dozen graduate students, the program is an active research environment that is accumulating new accomplishments each year. All the presentations from the group are listed here, and these papers and abstracts can be accessed on the conference’s proceedings for free.



Janelle Szary and rhythmic motor control.



Eric Chiu on linguistically-mediated search.


Dave Vinson on information density.


Katherine Livins on relations and analogy.


Jeff Rodny presenting on spiking nets.