UC Merced’s CIS program was a major presence at an important linguistics conference this fall. A number of graduate students from the Cognitive and Information Sciences program returned recently from the CSDL (Conceptual Structure in Discourse and Language) conference, an interdisciplinary conference for linguists and cognitive scientists held in Santa Barbara. Organizers were Stefan Gries and Viola Miglio of the Linguistics Department at UC Santa Barbara.

UC Merced presenters included Till Bergmann, Morgan Fleming, Bodo Winter, David Vinson, and Laura Kelly. Their talks were very well received. Two very recent cognitive science undergraduates also presented research at the peer-reviewed conference, including Josh Daguna, who is now working for a company in the Bay Area and Chelsea Coe, who is now a UCM Political Science graduate student who is collaborating with faculty member, Teenie Matlock. Matlock also attended the conference. The conference drew top cognitive language theorists from all over the world. Adjacent is a photo of Teenie Matlock, Till Bergmann, David Vinson, and Chelsea Coe enjoying frozen yogurt after a busy day of presentations.