The room was packed for Prof. Spivey’s talk

CIS faculty Michael Spivey gave an invited presentation in a big-picture symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, the chief conference of cognitive and experimental psychologists, held this year in Long Beach. Spivey gave a presentation on his influential theory of human cognitive processing as being highly continuous and probabilistic — a radical departure from traditional theories of mental processing. The theory is fleshed out in full detail in Spivey’s highly-regarded book The Continuity of Mind, which has been cited hundreds of times already in just the past few years.

The packed room was attending to see a series of presentations on new perspectives on cognition, and was organized by Daniel Casasanto of the University of Chicago and Gary Lupyan at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At the conference, several CIS PhD students also presented, including David Vinson, Janelle Szary, Katherine Livins, Drew Abney, Alexandra Paxton, and Maryam Tabatabaeian. Next year the conference is being held in Chicago.