Prof. Teenie Matlock

CIS Prof. Teenie Matlock has successfully secured two CITRIS grants as a lead researcher on two exciting tech projects. CITRIS grants are highly competitive multi-campus research proposals to test ideas for new technology. Projects fund research for an entire year, and the two awards that Prof. Matlock earned will support graduate student research at UC Merced.

As reported by UC Merced communications:

Professor Teenie Matlock with School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts won two of the four UC Merced grants.

She’ll work with UC Santa Cruz Professor Roberto Manduchi on a project entitled “Ariadne’s Thread: A Mobile Digital Companion for Blind Indoor Navigation” and with Professor Michael Ranney from UC Berkeley on “Crowdsourcing the Evaluation of Climate Change Information Credibility.”

Ariadne’s Thread participants will conduct basic research to inform the design and use of apps to assist blind or visually impaired people with indoor navigation. Matlock will study participants’ verbal commands to determine what guidance is most effective.

Read the full university story here.

Congratulations Prof. Matlock!