The Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences (CIS) at UC Merced seeks applicants for four (4) tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant Professor level. We are especially seeking candidates whose research involves one or more of the following areas.

(1) Cognitive and Data Science: The ideal candidate will conduct groundbreaking research in computational and data analytic approaches to human cognition and behavior, including areas such as spoken or written language and communication, human interaction, and the biological, social, cultural, or evolutionary bases of cognition. Candidates should work with one or more methods and analysis techniques associated with data science, including (but not limited to) machine learning, natural language processing, network analysis, and computational modeling.

(2) Language, Communication, and Culture: We are interested in individuals who take a holistic and scientifically grounded approach to the study of language and/or communication, situating individuals in their social and cultural environments. Approaches may derive from any discipline associated with the cognitive science of language and communication, including linguistics, experimental psychology, communication studies, or anthropology.

(3) Applied Ethics: We are seeking candidates who take an interdisciplinary approach to ethics, applying ethical theories and principles to topics within the purview of CIS. Sample topics might include neuroethics or the ethics of technology. Applied ethicists working on topics outside the scope of CIS who use scientific methods will also be considered (for example, someone who draws on large data sets). Applicants will be expected to contribute to the undergraduate philosophy program (

Applicants must hold a PhD in a relevant discipline — such as Cognitive Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Computer Science, or Anthropology — by the position start date.

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