Resources for Current Graduate Students

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Want Feedback on Your Writing from a Third Party?

Whether a grant or a journal submission, it always helps to have someone outside your area give advice on clarity and composition. UC Merced has on-site grad writing help from Stan Mattoon, who has over 30 years of experience in science and math writing and education. Details about this service can be found here.

Employment Information

Travel Information

Information regarding airfare purchases

Here is the quick process you can use to request flights through

  1. Find the itinerary you want.
  2. Send that itinerary to with the following information
    • full name on passport (or driver’s license, if that’s the ID you’ll be using; if international, supply passport #, nationality)
    • date of birth
    • home address
    • a brief (1-sentence) description of the conference
  3. CC me on the email. will respond to you to confirm the itinerary prior to finalizing the purchase.


Various Forms and Resources

Graduate Grant / Fellowship Opportunities

Postdoctoral Funding Information

Recent Summer Schools

Presentation Tools and Tips

Programming Tools and Sites