MTS-flyer-S13Spring 2013 Speakers

Theme: Order and disorder in cognition

Organizer: Dave Noelle

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1/28/13: Letitia Naigles (University of Connecticut) 1368620513_vimeo
Five Myths about the Language of Children with Autism

2/11/13: Fermin Moscoso Del Prado Martin (UCSB)
Language(s) Viewed from Mars

2/25/13: YangQuan Chen (UCM) 1368620513_vimeo
All Connected Via Fractional Calculus

3/4/13: Jennifer Trueblood (UCI) 1368620513_vimeo
Modeling Human Judgments with Quantum Probability Theory

3/11/13: Stephanie Huette (UCM)
Symbol Grounding in Abstract Language Propositions

3/18/13: Jonathan Wallis (UCB) 1368620513_vimeo
The Functional Organization of Decision-Making in the Frontal Lobe

4/1/13: Bradley Doll (New York University) 1368620513_vimeo
Corticostriatal Substrates of Confirmation Bias in Human Reinforcement Learning

4/8/13: Vikaas Sohal (UCSF) 1368620513_vimeo
Studies of Microcircuits in the Prefrontal Cortex and their Dysfunction in Psychiatric Disease

4/15/13: Mikhail Rabinovich (UCSD) 1368620513_vimeo
The Dynamical Principles of Cognition

4/25/13: Helen Neville (University of Oregon) 1368620513_vimeo
2013 Distinguished Cognitive Scientist Award Presentation
(Thursday at 5:00 PM, Lakireddy Auditorium)

4/29/13: Marjorie Solomon (UCD)
Higher Cognition in Autism

5/6/13: Jonathan Schooler (UCSB) [canceled due to travel complications]
The Wandering Mind