MTS Seminar Series: Spring 2015 Speakers

Theme: Experimental Philosophy

OrganizerDr. Carolyn Jennings

Talks are Mondays, 3pm, KL232 unless otherwise noted

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Jan 26—Berit Brogaard (U Miami) 
“Who’s Afraid of Qualia?”

Feb 2—Joshua Knobe (Yale) 
“The Essence of Psychological Essentialism”

Feb 9—Rick Dale (UC Merced) 
“Quantifying Metaphilosophy”

Feb 23—Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) 
“The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors”

Mar 9—Dan Weijers (Sacramento State) 
“Are philosophers happy, and does philosophy make them happy?”

Mar 16—Peter Tse (Dartmouth)
“Freeing free will of willusionism?”

Mar 30—Jonathan Cohen (UCSD)
“Conversational Eliciture”

Apr 6—Peggy DesAutels (University of Dayton)
“Women, Power, and Empirical Philosophy”

Apr 13—Simon Huttegger (UC Irvine)
“Cheaper than Costly Signals: Experimental Evidence on the Emergence of Signaling”

Apr 20—Kathleen Akins (Simon Fraser)
“How the letters get their colours: The role of learning and spectral vision in letter-colour synthaesthesia” canceled

Apr 28—David Whitney (Berkeley) 
“Balancing Visual Prediction and Visual Stability”

May 4—Adina Roskies (Dartmouth)
“Of Monkeys and Men: Can experiments illuminate philosophical problems?”

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