Organizer: Dr. David Noelle

Talks are Mondays, 3pm, KL232 unless otherwise noted

JAN 23: Dr. Patrick Plummer (UCLA): “The Influence of Context in Reading

JAN 30 – Cognitive Science Graduate Seminar Organizational Meeting

FEB 06 – Bernard Reginster (Brown): “The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
[co-sponsored by the Management Seminar Series]

FEB 13 – Clark Barrett (UCLA): “Mindreading, morality, and the search for human cognitive specializations


FEB 27 – Filip Piękniewski (Brain Corporation): “The predictive vision model: A different way of doing deep learning

MAR 06 – Roger Kreuz (University of Memphis): “Pragmatic variations and its implicationsNote Location Change: KL 217

MAR 13 – Kirk Ludwig (Indiana University): “Collective Responsibility and Climate Change
[co-sponsored by the Management Seminar Series]

MAR 20 – No meeting


APR 03 – Art Markman (UT Austin): “Evaluating Negotiating Agents
[co-sponsored by the Management Seminar Series]

APR 10 – Rachel Wu (UCR): “Cognitive Development Across the Lifespan: A New View on Aging

APR 17 – Ann Thyme-Gobbel (Sound United): “A UX Journey through Applied Cognitive Science in Industry

APR 24 – Susanne Jaeggi (UC Irvine): “Cognitive Training and Transfer — The Importance of Individual Difference

MAY 01 – Andrew Fox (UC Davis): “A Translational Neuroscience Approach to Understanding Anxious Temperament