Core Graduate Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Arthur Woodward
statistical genetics, psychometrics, technology for early mathematics education

Affiliate Graduate Program Faculty
Our graduate program also has a number of affiliate faculty, who sometimes serve as both collaborators and committee members.

David Ardell
Molecular Cell Biology

Harish Bhat
Applied Mathematics

Heather Bortfeld
Psychological Sciences

Jeffrey Butler

Stefano Carpin

Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán

Yihsu Chen

Jeff Gilger
Psychological Sciences

John Iversen
Institute for Neural Computation, UCSD

Marcelo Kallman

Russ McBride
Engineering, Management

Holley Moyes

Shawn Newsam
Engineering, EECS

Steve Nicholson
Political Science

Alex Petersen
Engineering, Management

Susana Ramirez
Public Health Communication

Michael Ranney
Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley

Antoine Shahin
Cognitive and Information Sciences

Suzanne Sindi
Applied Mathematics

Eric Walle
Psychological Sciences

LeRoy Westerling
SNRI, Engineering, Management


David Jennings
faculty in philosophy

Rolf Johanssen
lecturer in philosophy

Benjamin Pageler
lecturer in philosophy and cognitive science

Our Broader CogSci Community
As an active cognitive science community, our diverse seminar series and broad collaborations often bring together researchers from multiple groups in the university. Friends of CogSci @ UC Merced include:

Gregg Camfield, Literature

Alberto Cerpa, Computer Science and Engineering

Michael Colvin, Computational Biology

Lilian Davila, Computational Materials Science

Michael Dawson, Quantitative and Systems Biology

Ajay Gopinathan, Quantitative and Systems Biology

Qinghua Guo, Environmental Engineering

Linda Hirst, Nanoscience and Physics

Arnold Kim, Computational Biology

Lara Kueppers, Ecology

Ruth Mostern, History

Jason Raymond, Biochemistry

Lin Tian, Physics

Ming-Hsuan Yang, Engineering