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Mind, Technology, & Society Invited Speaker Series

What is MTS?

MTS is the department’s Mind, Technology, and Society speaker series. It is hosted by a different faculty member each semester. Founded by a generous gift from Professors Robert Glushko and Pamela Samuelson, MTS brings researchers and industry professionals from across the globe to present a variety of interdisciplinary work in cognitive science. See our UCMerced CogSci youtube channel for videos of past MTS talks!

Who is invited to attend?

CIS graduate students, faculty, and staff, and all who are interested! Members of other departments at UC Merced as well as the general public are encouraged to attend. (Note: current CIS Ph.D. students are required to attend MTS each semester in residence, to fulfill their COGS 250 course requirement).

For more information or to sign up for email announcements, please contact the talk series organizer:

MTS Fall 2023 Schedule

Location: All talks will be held Mondays in COB 114 from 3-4:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.


August 28: Remote |David Pietraszewski, Max Planck Institute / UCSB

September 11: COB 114 | Colin Holbrook, UC Merced

September 18: COB 114 | Matt Zefferman, Naval Postgraduate School

September 25: Remote | Agustin Fuentes, Princeton University

October 2: Remote | Theodore Samore, University of Connecticut

October 9: COB 114 | Jacob Foster, UCLA

October 16: Conference Center | Distinguished Cognitive Scientist Mary Hegarty,UC Santa Barbara (3:30-5 p.m.)

October 23: COB 114 | Heather Bortfeld, UC Merced

October 30: COB 114 | Claire White, CSU Northridge

November 6: COB 114 | Dorsa Amir, UC Berkeley

November 13: Remote | Quentin Atkinson, University of Auckland

November 20: COB 114 | Lisa Aziz-Zadeh, University of Southern California

November 27: COB 114 | Christina Nord, UC Davis

December 4: COB 114 | Marco Iacoboni, UCLA



Updated August 2023