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Public Presentations

  • The UC Merced and broader public are all invited to attend the Mind, Technology, & Society talk series, described here. The series hosts visiting scholars who are leaders in their field, and who present on a wide range of topics relevant to cognitive science. Keep your eye on the schedule!
  • Each spring, the Cognitive & Information Sciences faculty awards an awesome, famous researcher somewhere in the world with a “Distinguished Cognitive Scientist Award.” These esteemed scholars visit UC Merced and give a great public presentation. All are invited to attend—so stay tuned each spring.

Research Credit

  1. First and foremost, usually you ask a professor about research credit after getting to know that professor in a course or previous lab experience. It is not common for a student to request credit “out of the blue.” Research spots in labs are rare and usually they are granted to students who have shown dedication and interest to a professor, graduate student, or postdoc in advance of that request.
  2. Second, there is a simple process when adding independent studies credit for undergraduate research. First, there is a form that needs to be filled out. Unlike regular classes, there is no option to sign up online. You can get this form at the Students First Center or print it out yourself from this page. The form is titled “Independent Study Enrollment.”
  3. When choosing the course, it’s dependent on the amount of credit you are receiving. You can leave it blank and ask which course # is appropriate when you turn it in to the Student’s First Center. Remember when filling out the hours that it must equal to a minimum of 3 hours per week for each unit you are receiving. Then you will need to get it signed by the lab’s Primary Advisor (usually a professor) from whom you’ll be receiving credit. Once it is signed, you will need to turn it into Student’s First Center. All of this can be done the prior semester up to the first three weeks of the current semester. Remember that you do receive a grade at the end of the semester just like a normal class.

(Thanks to Chelsea Coe for her guidance on this, June 2013.)

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