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Cognitive Science Professor Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz
Professor and Undergraduate Chair

Language and Cognition; STEM Education, Bilingualism/Biliteracy, Equity-Centered Assessment, Teacher Development

Kristina Backer
Assistant Professor and Graduate Group Chair

Cognitive neuroscience, attention, memory, auditory perception, aging, hearing loss

Ramesh Balasubramaniam

Cognitive, neurophysiological, and dynamical systems approaches to action

Heather Bortfeld

Infant development, speech perception, language processing

Colin Holbrook
Associate Professor

Evolutionary psychology, group prejudice, social neuroscience, aggression, religious cognition, moral reasoning, human-robot interaction

Christopher T. Kello

Neural networks, complex systems, speech, language, search

Paul Maglio

Human-computer interaction, distributed cognition, service science

CIS Professor Tyler Marghetis
Assistant Professor

Cognitive ecologies, conceptual revolutions, cultural diversity, communication, complex systems

Teenie Matlock
Professor Emerita

Cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, semantics, metaphor

David Noelle
Associate Professor

Computational cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory, cognitive control

Lace Padilla
Assistant Professor

Visual cognition, uncertainty and decision-making, data visualization, spatial cognition, cognition for the global good

Rachel Ryskin
Assistant Professor

Language comprehension and production, learning and memory, predictive processing

Paul Smaldino
Associate Professor

Social and cultural evolution, networks, mathematical and computational models of social behavior, metascience

Michael Spivey

Language processing, eye movements, embodied cognition, dynamical systems

Jeff Yoshimi

Philosophy of cognitive science, dynamical systems theory, neural networks