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Graduate Students

Jordan Ackerman

Computational linguistics, corpus analysis, interface design

CIS Graduate Student Chanuwas Aswamenakul

inequality, social hierarchy, culture and evolution and emergent social dynamics

Lab Affiliation:
Marghetis, Smaldino
CIS Graduate Student Ellis Cain

language usage and change, natural language processing, cognition

Lab Affiliation:
Sam Cerey

Human-computer interaction, motor learning/control, cognitive resource limits, complex systems

Lab Affiliation:
Joshua Clingo

Consciousness, Meaning, Well-being, Agency, Self, Belief, Emergence, Embodied Cognition, AI

Lab Affiliation:
Jennings, Holbrook
Alexander Dayer

Perception, action, philosophy of mind, skill

Lab Affiliation:
CIS Graduate Student Richard Ellks

UX research, language, attention

Lab Affiliation:

Perception, Speech

Sociology Ph.D. student Stephanie Gamino

Neural networks, information learning, social cognition

Lab Affiliation:
Bortfield, Yoshimi
Ketika Garg

Cognitive search, foraging dynamics

Lab Affiliation:
Kello, Smaldino
Mariel Grace Gonzales

crossmodal perception, audiovisual illusions

Helia Hosseinpour

Decision-making, risk and uncertainty, visual cognition and emotions

Lab Affiliation:
Zunaira Iqbal

Neurolinguistics, AV speech perception, bilingual language processing

CIS Graduate Student Ayonna Jones

social cognition, implicit / explicit biases, child development, comparative cognition

Lab Affiliation:
Aguirre–Munoz, Marghetis, Jennings
Jaskanwaljeet Kaur

Motor control and learning; dynamical systems; cognitive aging; and human-computer interaction

Lab Affiliation:
Emilio Lobato

Science denial, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, human-robot interaction, social cognition

Tim Meyer

Gamification, cognitive science, computation

Cody Moser

Cultural evolution, evolutionary approaches to behavior, innovation, cross-cultural trends, agent-based models

Lab Affiliation:
Benjamin Nguyen

Communication, complexity, data science, dynamics, embodiment, emergence, gesture, language

Lab Affiliation:
CIS Graduate Student Dennis Perez

Information processing, machine learning, vision science, computer vision

Lab Affiliation:
Alejandro Pérez Velilla

Evolution of social structure/hierarchy, collective decision-making, group political strategies

Cognitive Sciences graduate student Sergio Ponce de Leon

Consciousness, computational cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence

Lab Affiliation:
Shannon Proksch

Music cognition, embodiment, interpersonal dynamics, emotion

Alejandra Santoyo

Language-music interaction, Multisensory processing, EEG

Lab Affiliation:
Shadab Tabatabaeian

Creativity, embodied cognition, eye tracking

Phenomenology, Representation, Consciousness, Philosophy of Mind, Time Perception, Neural Architectures

Lab Affiliation:
Noelle, Jennings