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Graduate Students

CIS Graduate Student Chanuwas Aswamenakul

Wealth inequality, political structure, cultural evolution, agent-based models

Lab Affiliation:
Marghetis, Smaldino
CIS graduate student Polyphony J. Bruna

Developing and comparing formal models of cognition, language and cognition, artificial intelligence

Lab Affiliation:
Ryskin, Spivey, Kello
CIS Graduate Student Ellis Cain

Changes in language usage, semantics, natural language processing

Lab Affiliation:
Sam Cerey

Motor learning/control, cognitive resource limits, nonlinear analysis, Cognitive motor interaction, NOISE

Lab Affiliation:
Cognitive and Information Sciences Graduate student Rachel Casper

Language acquisition, lexical access, bilingualism, executive functions, language change

Lab Affiliation:
Aguirre–Munoz, Bortfield
Joshua Clingo

Meaning, eudaimonia, consciousness/experience, happiness, wellbeing, self, connection, altered states, psychedelics

Lab Affiliation:
Yoshimi, Jennings, Holbrook
Alexander Dayer

Perception, action, philosophy of mind, skill

Lab Affiliation:
CIS graduate student Xinzhu Fang


Cognitive and Information Sciences Graduate student Yasemin Gokcen

Cognitive modeling, cognitive neuroscience, language

Lab Affiliation:
Mariel Grace Gonzales

Crossmodal perception, audiovisual illusions

Helia Hosseinpour

Decision-making, risk and uncertainty, visual cognition and emotions

Lab Affiliation:
Zunaira Iqbal

Bilingual language processing, audiovisual speech perception, phonetic representations

Lab Affiliation:
Backer, Shahin, Spivey
CIS graduate student Brittany Johnson

UX/UI, gamification

Lab Affiliation:
CIS Graduate Student Ayonna Jones

Social cognition, implicit / explicit biases, child development, comparative cognition

Lab Affiliation:
Aguirre–Munoz, Marghetis, Jennings
Jaskanwaljeet Kaur

Motor control and learning; dynamical systems; cognitive aging; and human-computer interaction

Lab Affiliation:
Cognitive Science Ph.D. student Joyce Liu

Language processing, memory retrieval, special education

Lab Affiliation:
Aguirre–Munoz, Ryskin
Emilio Jon Christopher Lobato

Science literacy, pseudoscience, conspiracy ideation, conspiracy beliefs, paranormal beliefs

Lab Affiliation:
Hicks, Holbrook
CIS graduate student Soran Malaie

Embodied cognition, dynamical system theory, ecological psychology, phenomenology 

Lab Affiliation:
Marghetis, Spivey
Cody Moser

Cultural evolution, evolutionary approaches to behavior, innovation, cross-cultural trends, agent-based models

Lab Affiliation:
Benjamin Nguyen

Communication, complexity, data science, dynamics, embodiment, emergence, gesture, language

Lab Affiliation:
CIS graduate student Liza Oh

Variability in skill learning, cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence

Lab Affiliation:
Backer, Marghetis, Shahin, Yoshimi

Cultural evolution, decision-making under risk and uncertainty, cooperation, hierarchy, kinship

Lab Affiliation:
Cognitive Sciences graduate student Sergio Ponce de Leon

Consciousness, computational cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence

Lab Affiliation:
Alejandra Santoyo

Music cognition & perception, multimodal integration, music-language interaction

Lab Affiliation:
Backer, Shahin
Shadab Tabatabaeian

Creativity, embodied cognition, eye tracking

Phenomenology, representation, consciousness, time perception, neural architectures, neural computation

Lab Affiliation:
Noelle, Jennings
Cognitive and Information Sciences Graduate student Maribel Viveros

cognitive neuroscience applications in instructional design and content sequencing for STEM learning, oculomotor behaviors, and eye-tracking

Lab Affiliation:
CIS graduate student Tevin Williams

Interpersonal coordination, language, music improvisation, music cognition

Lab Affiliation:
Ryskin, Spivey