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From sensation to society, evolution to education, reasoning to robots
From Sensation to Society, Evolution to Education, Reasoning to Robots...
Sensorimotor Neuroscience Professor Balasubramaniam
Sensorimotor Neuroscience
Extended and embodied cognition Professor Spivey
Extended and Embodied Cognition
Human-robot interaction
Human-Robot Interaction
Cognition in the Wild (image from a CIS social) fencing
Cognition in the Wild (image from a CIS social)


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Mission Statement

Our interdisciplinary program integrates methods and approaches from linguistics, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and computer science, to study thought and behavior. Our faculty have highly diverse research interests, and serve as graduate advisors, committee members, and collaborators.

Undergraduate Majors

Prospective or current students with questions about our undergraduate program are invited to contact us for more information:

Ph.D. Funding

The CIS program has multiple means of supporting graduate students. During each academic year, Ph.D. students are funded as either teaching assistants, research assistants, or through internal or external fellowships. All of these positions provide a full stipend and complete tuition waiver. Students almost always receive some form of summer stipend in order to support their research activities when classes are not in session.

Welcome to Cognitive & Information Sciences

Featured News

Genocide workshop grpahic
May 20, 2024

Understanding Genocide: Neural, Psychological and Political Science Perspectives Interdisciplinary Online Workshop | 5.17.24 The Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences recently...

November 13, 2023

Four UC Merced graduate students can focus fully on their research and academic studies this year thanks to a generous gift from the Northern California Chapter of the Achievement Rewards for College...

November 6, 2023

Cognitive and Information Sciences Professor Paul Smaldino has written a new textbook, "Modeling Social Behavior," a textbook that will educate generations of students who want to...