MTS Talk Series

Our Mind, Technology, & Society talk series brings world-class scholars and scientists to UC Merced.See the Fall 2019 schedule

Our program hosted CogSci 2015; read our history
2019 Distinguished Cognitive Scientist: Colin Camerer

About Us
Our interdisciplinary program integrates methods and approaches from linguistics, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and computer science, to study thought and behavior. Our faculty have highly diverse research interests, and serve as graduate advisors, committee members, and collaborators.
About Our Undergrad and Grad Programs
One of the signature groups on our campus, Cognitive Science offers B.A. and B.S. degrees, and a research-intensive Ph.D. program in Cognitive and Information Sciences. Specialties are computational modeling, cognitive engineering, high-level cognition, language and communication, perception and action, and philosophy of cognitive science. We welcome applications from students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
About Our Talk Series
Faculty and students meet regularly for the Mind, Technology, and Society seminar which hosts talks from a diverse range of visiting researchers. Click here to see the current schedule and watch videos of recent speakers.
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