Ph.D. Students

Jordan Ackerman
computational linguistics, corpus analysis, interface design
Camila Alviar
language, gesture, embodiment
Brandon Batzloff
temporal perception, cognitive neuroscience, political cognition, distributed cognition, psychophysics
Daniel Comstock
motor control, neuroscience, dynamics
Pablo Contreras
philosophy of mind, scientometrics, meta-theory
Morgan Fleming
distributed cognition, human-computer interaction
Chelsea Gordon
psycholinguistics, cognitive dynamics
Daniel Holman
problem solving and discovery, creativity
Laura Kelly
memory, language, perception
Umesh Krishnamurthy
human-computer interaction, technology and cognition
Patricia Lichtenstein
creative cognition, computational creativity, linguistic creativity and complexity
Butovens Médé
music cognition, language-music interaction, dynamical systems
Tim Meyer
gamification, cognitive science, computation

Karie Moorman
metaphor, applied cognitive linguistics
Alexandria Pabst
cognitive aging, memory, motor control, and musical cognition
Gina Pretzer
infant vocal development, caregiver interactions, speech-language pathology
Jeffrey Rodny
spiking networks, reinforcement learning, computational neuroscience
Adolfo Ramirez
language, dynamical systems, bilingualism
Timothy Shea
neural dynamics, cognitive architecture
Samuel Spevack
linguistic and sensory interaction, cross-cultural and individual differences, and neural networks 
Daniel Schloesser
joint action, dynamical systems
Sara Schneider
dynamical systems, bilingualism, interaction
Maryam Tabatabaeian
deception, cognitive dynamics
Matthew Turner
interface design, computation, corpus analysis
Ayme Tomson
corpus analysis, large-scale natural data, computation


Dr. Drew Abney (2016)
data scientist at Indiana University

Dr. Bryan Kerster (2016)
data scientist at Facebook

Dr. Till Bergmann (2016)
data scientist at SalesForceIQ

Dr. William Benjamin St. Clair (2016)

Dr. Bodo Winter (2016)
now faculty at U. Birmingham

Dr. Alexandra Paxton (2015)
now postdoc at UC Berkeley

Dr. Shanna Erickson (2015)

Dr. Michelle Greenwood (2015)

Dr. Katherine Livins (2015)
data scientist at Stitch Fix

Dr. Janelle Szary (2015)
now postdoc at Indiana University

Dr. Justin Matthews (2014)
now faculty at California State University, Monterey Bay

Dr. Eva Čadež (2014)

Dr. Eric Chiu (2014)
data analyst at Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Stephanie Huette (2013)
now faculty at U. Memphis

Dr. Michael Romano (2011)
postdoc at Emory

Dr. Corrine Townsend (2011)
assessment coordinator at UC Merced

Dr. Trent Kriete (2010)
postdoc at UC Boulder