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CIS Research Shared on World Stage

June 7, 2022

Researchers from CIS will be out in force at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society this summer in Toronto, Canada. This peer-reviewed conference draws cognitive scientists from around the world. Four CIS graduate students and three CIS faculty members have had their research accepted for presentation.

  • Jordan Ackerman is presenting a poster, "What's Different About Improvised Rap?"

  • Ellis Cain and Prof. Rachel Ryskin are delivering a talk, "Quantifying cross-situational statistics during parent-child toy play" (along with co-author Chen Yu)

  • Shadab Tabatabaeian and Prof. Tyler Marghetis are delivering a talk, "Mathematical insights as novel connections: Evidence from expert mathematicians" (along with co-authors Artemesia Deluna and David Landy).

  • Tevin Williams is presenting a poster, "Improving Improv: Effects of Interpersonal Coordination on Music Improvisation" (along with co-author Alexia Galati).

Shadab Tabatabaeian was also awarded a Diversity and Inclusion Conference Award.

Congrats to all!