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Cognitive Science Student Association Combines Curiosity, Camaraderie, and Cogsci-related Fun

May 1, 2023
Members of the Cognitive Science Student Association
Members of the Cognitive Science Student Association

Students interested in the exciting world of cognitive science can find kindred spirits in the Cognitive Science Student Association, a student-run campus club for cognitive science enthusiasts. Every year, the CSSA organizes movie nights, discussions, informational panels, workshops, and other events, culminating in a road trip to an academic conference.

Huge thanks to this year's CSSA Board: Supratik Nandi (President), Kaylee Davis (Vice President), Shree Kulkarni (Secretary), Suzanne Garcia (Public Relations & Outreach), Chloe Ventura (Treasurer), Janelle Perez (Event Coordinator), and Abel Alvarez Rosales (Secretary Mentor).

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