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Fall 2017

Organizer: Dr. Peter Vanderschraaf

Aug. 28: Organizational Meeting

Sept. 11: Rory Smead (Department of Philosophy, Northeastern University)

Sept. 18: Michael Chwe (Department of Political Science, UCLA)

Sept. 25: Andreas Blume (Department of Economics, University of Arizona)

Oct. 9: Cailin O’Connor (Department of Logic & Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine)

Oct. 16: Meg Crofoot (Department of Anthropology, UC Davis)

Oct. 23: Heather Dean (US Food & Drug Administration)

Oct. 30: Jeff Schank (Department of Psychology, UC Davis)

Nov. 6: Peter Richerson (Department of Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis)

Nov. 13: Jenna Bednar (Center for the Study of Complex Systems and Department of Political Science, University of Michigan)

Nov. 20: John Duffy (Department of Economics, UC Irvine)

Nov. 27: Noah Goodman (Department of Psychology, Stanford University)

Dec. 4: Russ McBride (Gallo Management Program, UC Merced)