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Spring 2016

Theme: Cognitive Dynamics and Technologies

Organizer: Dr. Chris Kello

January 25 (video of talk)
Bradley Voytek, UC San Diego
Cognitive networks and the noisy brain

February 1 (video of talk)
Emre Neftci, UC Irvine
Neuromorphic Cognition

February 8
Ricardo Prada, Google X
Industry Research in User Experience

February 16 (video of talk)
Brian Knutson, Stanford University
Neural valuation of environmental resources

February 22
Heather Bortfeld, UC Merced
Tuning to a degraded signal: Insights from infants and cochlear implant users

February 29
Judith Kroll, UC Riverside
Bilingualism, mind, and brain

March 7, **Cancelled**

March 14
Jason Zevin, University of Southern California
Statistical learning of auditory patterns as trajectories through a perceptually defined similarity space

March 28
Yi-Fang Tsai, Apple
User Technologies

April 4

April 11
Melissa Cefkin, Nissan
Autonomy and sociality: what we might learn from cars

April 18
Patryk Laurent, Brain Corp
Real-world immersion of artificial neural networks through robotics

May 2
Jay Martin, Stitch Fix
Human Computation

May 9
Olaf Sporns, Indiana University
Distinguished Cognitive Scientist Awardee 2016
Networks of the Brain – New Perspectives on the Structure and Function of Nervous Systems

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