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Fall 2015

Theme: Variation at Language Interfaces

Organizer: Dr. Stephanie Shih

August 31 (video of talk)
Marc Garellek, UC San Diego
What is creaky voice (“vocal fry”), and why do we use it?

September 14
Alan Yu, University of Chicago
The United States Supreme Court Oral Arguments as a Sociophonetic Corpus

September 21 (video of talk)
Bruce Hayes, UCLA
Stochastic constraint-based grammars for Hausa verse and song

September 28 (video of talk)
Dan Jurafsky, Stanford University
Extracting social meaning from language: the computational linguistics of food, innovation, and community

October 5 (video of talk)
David Temperley, Eastman School of Music (co-sponsored by UC MERCI)
Repetition and Information Flow in Music and Language

October 12 (video of talk)
Tyler Schnoebelen, Idibon
Conspiracy, complaints, and fraud: the language of reasons

October 19
Susanne Gahl, UC Berkeley
Lexical access, articulation, and perceptual factors in pronunciation variation: When does it matter what words sound like?

October 26 (video of talk)
Paul Smolensky, Johns Hopkins University and Microsoft Research
Gradient symbols in grammar

November 2 (video of talk)
Sharon Inkelas, UC Berkeley
The A-map model: Articulatory reliability in child-specific phonology

November 9, **Please note location change: COB-322**
Rachel Walker, University of Southern California
The organization of liquid consonants ‘r’ and ‘l’ in syllables: An articulatory view using real-time MRI

November 16 (video of talk)
Rob Podesva, Stanford University
The Role of the Body in Structuring Sociophonetic Variation

November 23 (video of talk)
Andries Coetzee, University of Michigan
Modeling phonological variation

November 30
Kie Zuraw, UCLA
Polarized patterns of variation in (mainly) phonology

December 7 (video of talk)
Joe Pater, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Grammatical Agent-Based Modeling of Linguistic Typology

MTS is in part supported by Robert Glushko and Pamela Samuelson.