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Spring 2015

Theme: Experimental Philosophy

Organizer: Dr. Carolyn Jennings


Jan. 26 — Berit Brogaard (U Miami)
“Who’s Afraid of Qualia?”

Feb. 2 — Joshua Knobe (Yale)
“The Essence of Psychological Essentialism”

Feb. 9 — Rick Dale (UC Merced)
“Quantifying Metaphilosophy”

Feb. 23 — Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside)
“The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors”

March 9 — Dan Weijers (Sacramento State)
“Are philosophers happy, and does philosophy make them happy?”

March 16 — Peter Tse (Dartmouth)
“Freeing free will of willusionism?”

March 30 — Jonathan Cohen (UCSD)
“Conversational Eliciture”

April 6 — Peggy DesAutels (University of Dayton)
“Women, Power, and Empirical Philosophy”

April 13 — Simon Huttegger (UC Irvine)
“Cheaper than Costly Signals: Experimental Evidence on the Emergence of Signaling”

April 20 — Kathleen Akins (Simon Fraser)
“How the letters get their colours: The role of learning and spectral vision in letter-colour synthaesthesia” canceled

April 28 — David Whitney (Berkeley)
“Balancing Visual Prediction and Visual Stability”

May 4 — Adina Roskies (Dartmouth)
“Of Monkeys and Men: Can experiments illuminate philosophical problems?”

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