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Fall 2013

Theme: Language, cognition, and consciousness

Organizer: Jeff Yoshimi

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Sept. 9: Andrew Wedel (U. Arizona) SSM 117
Lexical competition and the evolution of phoneme inventories

Sept. 16: Bruce West (Duke U.) 
Individuality, imitation and influence

Sept. 23: Kent Johnson (UC Irvine) 
Factor analysis: Underdetermination and uncertainties

Oct. 7: Matthew Fulkerson (UC San Diego) 
Sensory affect

Oct. 14: Kerri Johnson 
Categorization at the Crossroads: Mechanisms by Which Intersecting Identities Alter Social Perception

Oct. 22: David J. Peterson* (Conlang) 
Under the Animal Belly of HBO: Conceptual Metaphor in Created Languages

Oct. 28: Stephen Palmer (UC Berkeley) 
Color, Music, and Emotion in Synesthetes and Non-Synesthetes

Nov. 4: Geoffrey Lee (UC Berkeley) 
Subjective Duration

Nov. 12: Thomas Hannagan* (Aix-Marseille)
Language processing in adults and baboons: the unreasonable efficiency of the Delta rule

Nov. 18: Kevin Holmes (UC Berkeley)
Exploring the language-thought interface beyond the level of words

Nov. 25: Teenie Matlock (UC Merced)
Framing framing: When the more subtle details of language matter

Dec. 2: Shannon Vallor (Santa Clara)
The virtue of attention: ethical and cognitive implications of media multitasking

Dec. 9: Mahesh Srinivasan (UC Berkeley)
The role of children’s cognitive biases in the structure of the lexicon: Cross-linguistic evidence from polysemy