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Spring 2012

Theme: Coordinating minds in the social and technological world

Organizer: Rick Dale

Jan. 23: Natasha Kirkham, Birkbeck College 

Jan. 30: Tony Chemero, Franklin and Marshall College 

Feb. 6: Deborah Tollefsen, The University of Memphis 

Feb. 21: Vittorio Gallese, University of Parma
co-hosted with CRHA

Feb. 27: canceled due to illness

March 5: Sidney D’Mello, University of Notre Dame 

March 12: Lauren Silbert, Princeton University 

March 19: Sarah Brown-Schmidt, UI Urbana-Champaign 

April 9: Chen Yu, Indiana University 

April 16: Tom Schoenemann, Indiana University 

April 23: Michael Frank, Stanford University 

April 30: Michael Turvey, University of Connecticut [rescheduled, see below]
Distinguished Cognitive Scientist award winner
rescheduled below

May 7: Susan Brennan, SUNY Stony Brook *Willow Room 

May 10: Michael Turvey, University of Connecticut 

**Distinguished Cognitive Scientist award winner